PRODUCT: The goal with the G2 One Cable Throttle conversion kit is to lighten the pull on the fuel-injected two-strokes that reside in the Pierer Mobility AG company (KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas). G2 says that the One Cable Throttle conversion kit for Husqvarna dramatically lightens the throttle pull of the newer silver-colored throttle housings. The stock cables create friction as they contact the inside of the housing, resulting in a stiff pull and hand fatigue on long rides. By replacing it with a One Cable kit, friction is reduced in two ways. First, a pulley is incorporated to eliminate friction—no cables sliding against the inner throttle housing!  Second, the G2 throttle tube has self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end to prevent the aluminum tube from galling against the handlebar. The One Cable Throttle conversion kit for Husqvarna has a throttle tube with the unique G2 interlock. This means you can choose from several G2 cam sizes (sold separately) if you decide a change is needed for mud, technical terrain, etc. 

OUR TAKE: We tested this kit on a 2022 Husqvarna TE300i. When new, we have no problem with the action of the stock two-cable system. It is smooth and has a light pull. But, as time scuds on and you get a substantial number of hours on the machine, the throttle pull does get stiffer. The plastic throttle tube creates some friction, as do the cables as they flow through the standard housing. After removing the stock throttle and dual cables from the throttle body, installing the G2 system required fitting a new throttle grip (does not come with the kit) onto the aluminum throttle pipe. Route the single pull cable down to the throttle body, fit it on the lower position and fit the supplied hardware into the entrance canal where the push cable was formerly housed.

The G2 One Cable conversion kit comes with a housing made by Domino, the throttle pipe with self-lubricating Delrin bushings is machined in the USA, and the cable is a beefy unit that comes in several lengths. The kit does away with the push cable, comes equipped with a removable cam, and with two options available to make it quicker or slower.

Once installed, you will feel a very smooth and light throttle pull. The throttle design is like the original Gunnar Gasser throttles, and the pulley, single cable and 6061 aluminum throttle tube make for a superb throttle feel. The good news is that the action does not change over time, as the self-lubricating Delrin bushings in the throttle tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact. We have been testing ours for just over three months with no change in the effort department. One other big plus is the ability to change throttle cams (we fit the stock 690 cam); for a quicker throttle action, go to the 650x cam (15-percent quicker), and for a longer pull for smooth response, use the 700x cam.

PRICE: $144.95

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