PRODUCT: EKS Brand has been in the eye protection business for a very long time—most of the present-day staff came from Smith Goggles before that company got out of the moto business. As such, they have seen trends come and go, resisting the temptation of jumping on the fad wagon. The EKS Brand GOX line had a loyal base of followers who loved them and didn’t want change, but that resulted in a product that was looking a little old-school. That’s why the Lucid line was introduced. The Lucid is all new and very different from past EKS Brand products. The goggles are built around an injection-molded lens. This is much more rigid and lends stiffness to the entire frame. Injection-molded lenses aren’t new. They were first used by Jones Goggles, which developed a fanatical cult following in the ’80s. Aside from stiffness, injection-molded lenses are more optically correct and more scratch-resistant.

POSITIVE: The Lucid is an extremely high-quality product. Everything from the strap to the multi-density foam is top-grade, durable material. That was true of the GOX as well. Beyond that, the Lucid has some clear benefits. Lens replacement is much easier, especially in cold weather. On each side of the frame is a sliding fastener that locks the lens into place. Once you get the hang of it, changing a lens takes seconds. The lens itself will last much longer, and even the anti-fog coating is more effective. If you look at the overall shape of the lens, the Lucid is more rectangular than traditional goggles with less of a cutout for the nose. This is very similar to what Oakley is doing with the Front Line MX. Many riders say this allows for a greater field of vision. That’s debatable, but the lens shape certainly has more surface area. If you use Roll-Offs, you’ll get a greater clean area with each pull of the string.

The Lucid also uses outriggers for strap attachment. That means if you tighten the strap, the frame won’t lift off your face on the sides. Overall, most riders found Lucid goggles to fit perfectly, and we haven’t yet found a helmet that they don’t work with, even with the removable nose piece attached.

NEGATIVE: The Lucid is slightly heavier and stiffer than the GOX-S. Admittedly, the GOX line is very lightweight by industry standards. But, riders with unusual faces (you know who you are) might find the Lucid is less compliant with your weird features. Also, the price of a replacement lens is a little steep—around $25.

BOTTOM LINE: Most of our test riders transitioned to Lucid goggles without issue. There are one or two who are such fans of the GOX line that they won’t switch, and that’s why those goggles are still being offered. Both EKS Brand lines are much more affordable than anything of similar quality.
PRICE: $99

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