PRODUCT: DG was once a big name in the dirt-bike world, but shifted its emphasis to ATVs and street bikes several years ago. Now the company is back in the dirt-bike business, offering aluminum/stainless steel slip-on exhaust systems for current and non current models. What really sets DG apart is the price. The O-series exhaust sells for $209.95 with spark arrestor.
      The O-Series exhaust features an oval canister with a stainless-steel mid-section and a cast-aluminum end cap. The end cap is removable, allowing access to the packing, the spark screen and a small baffle. In standard form, the baffle is designed to pass a 98 dB static test, but DG also offers smaller-diameter pieces, which are sold separately.
      The O-series is targeted at older motorcycles as a replacement for the stocker or an inexpensive hop up. Right now, the applications are mostly dual-sport and off-road bikes that had long production runs, such as the Kawasaki KLR650, the Honda XR600R, the XR650L, the Suzuki DRZ400 and so on.
POSITIVE: The value is phenomenal. We installed an O-series pipe on a 2001 Honda XR400R. Even though the bike is no longer in production, there are hundreds or thousands of them out there, so it was a perfect use. The O-Series fit on easily. We tired it with all three baffles, and all three provided definite performance gains over stock. Given the choice, we would opt for the smallest, quietest baffle, which easily passes a 96-dB test. The performance was nearly identical with all three.
      At 5.5 pounds, the DG pipe shaved off a couple of pounds. Even if you’re replacing another aftermarket pipe (a definite possibility with a 10-year-old bike), the quality of the O-series compares well to almost anything this side of a $600 full system.
NEGATIVE: The O-Series is louder than the original Honda pipe, provided that your 10-year-old pipe is still in new condition. We wish it came with the 96-dB baffle in standard configuration. As with any aftermarket pipe, it will work best with richer jetting and conservative airbox venting. With stock jetting, the bike will pop slightly on deceleration, especially with the louder baffle.
THE BOTTOM LINE: It’s about time that we had an alternative to high-dollar exhaust systems for older bikes. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend $400 on a slip-on pipe for a $1200 motorcycle. DG has the only product in its price range and the quality is excellent.

-Installation/styling: 20
-Durability: 20
-Value: 25
-Performance: 18
-Total: 83 out of 100
Contact: DG Performance; (866) 630-5424,


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