PRODUCT: The Cycra Speed Armor plate is an injected-molded, high-impact-plastic skid plate designed to mount quickly and provide good engine protection for the rigors of motocross/cross-country riding. Speed Armor plates allow the frame to flex and have a predictable feel without the rigid feel of an aluminum plate.
POSITIVE: We bolted on a Cycra Speed Armor plate onto our KTM 200C-W while testing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. True to their word, the piece is tough, light yet flexible, and took about three minutes to mount up. Cycra provides super-beefy zip-ties that clench the armor to the bottom frame rails. Weight is minimal; protection to the lower frame rails and center cases is excellent.
NEGATIVE: In three days of testing in horrendous rock- and root-infested battle zones, we broke one of the anchoring zip-ties.
BOTTOM LINE: Let’s see, we cleaved off one plastic zip-tie in 15 hours of off-road testing. That’s not bad for a $39.95 skid plate that weighs less than a hairbrush and is really designed for motocross where big rocks are not a huge issue. It gets a big thumbs up from the Dirt Bike crew. q

Durability: 8
Value: 9
Performance: 9
Overall: 9/10

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