The guys at CruzTools make bike-specific toolkits that are compact enough to take to the track or carry with you on adventure rides. So far, the company has kits for most common off-road bikes, but special focus is on dual-sport and adventure bikes. BMW, KTM, Honda and Yamaha off-road bikes are all covered, as well as some street bikes like Harley Davidson and Indian. The RoadTech KT1 kit is made for KTM and Husqvarna dual-sport bikes and includes everything you might need to solve trailside problems.

OUR TAKE: We’ve been taking the KT1 kit with us to the track on a regular basis, as well as stuffing it into a backpack on long off-road rides. It is truly well thought out for KTMs. It has all the tools that you need for common maintenance, including the oddball KTM Torx heads and 6mm bodywork fasteners. The kit has the following:

  • A tool roll
  • 8, 10, 13mm wrenches
  • 27x32mm combo axle wrench
  • Mini ratchet and extension
  • 8, 10, 13mm sockets
  • 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm hex keys
  • T20, 25, 30, 40, 45 Torx keys
  • 6-in-1 screwdriver
  • 8” adjustable wrench
  • Locking pliers
  • Duct tape
  • Zip-ties
  • Mechanics wire
  • Blue threadlocker
  • Tire pressure gauge

Getting the wheels off is no trouble, and there are even some supplies you might need for emergency repairs: duct tape, safety wire and so forth. The quality of the tools is excellent for the price and CruzTools has a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. If you rely on the kit for your supplies in the pits, you will need to augment it with some other items that are too bulky to be included in a portable kit, things like a hammer and punch to set sag. For trail rides, you also need to include items for tire repair, like CO2 and patches or plugs. An extra tube is always a good idea if you have room.

BOTTOM LINE: You could try to assemble your own kit, tailor-made to a specific bike, but CruzTools has done it for you with high-quality stuff and for a reasonable price. It takes the stress out of the adventure.

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