PRODUCT: The Bridgestone Battlecross E50 Extreme is a gummy enduro tire based on the standard Battlecross E50. The E50 Extreme is only available in a 140/80-18 and offers widely spaced tread blocks to prevent mud and dirt buildup. Convex Castle Block technology is used on the center and side lugs, providing added biting surface to dig into the ground and increase traction. This tire is not DOT-approved like the standard Battlecross E50.

OUR TAKE: Gummy tires have been a huge hit lately among trail riders looking for that bit of extra traction when the going gets tough. We had also tested the Bridgestone E50 Extreme just after the standard E50. In our test zone, it is extremely loose and dry at the moment, so we didn’t get to test the tire in any wet conditions; however, we did throw all of the nasty riding we could at it. This tire, just like the standard E50, is great in sand and loose dirt, providing plenty of bite and forward drive. On dry and hard-packed terrain, it is also very tacky and offers much more grip than the standard E50. With such a sticky compound, this tire loves the rocks. You can lock the tire into any rock face and tractor up it with no wheelspin. Side hills are a huge highlight of the tire. The tire offers a great overall radius for off-camber situations. The same goes for cornering; the side lugs provide great traction. Braking traction is superb, even on the steepest of downhills. All of this great traction comes with a downside, however, as the rubber wears extremely fast compared to a standard knobby. In the Gummy tire world this is very normal as they are built to flex and grab via a super soft rubber compound.  We put a good solid four days of riding on the tire and saw significant wear and chunking. This would be a great option for a race-day tire, but it wears too quickly for a long-term trail tire. A trail rider would be better off with the standard E50. We will have a test on the non-gummy version next month in Dirt Bike. But, as a high-end, race-oriented gummy tire, the Bridgestone Battlecross E50 Extreme is a thoroughbred, albeit on the pricey side.
PRICE: $165.70 (but you can find them at the $100 price point if you look around)

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