PRODUCT: Asterisk has been a top-of-the-line manufacturer of advanced knee braces for years.  The all-new Carbon Cell 1 was built to provide the finest quality, fitting and performance in a knee brace. It’s manufactured from military-spec and aerospace-grade carbon fiber pre-preg (the common term for a reinforcing fabric that has been pre-impregnated with a resin) that is made in America and is considered the best on the planet. The design team’s goal was to develop the slimmest and lightest knee brace ever. At roughly 1 pound per brace, it’s substantially lighter, more comfortable and functional than any brace Asterisk has offered in the past. It is protected by a three-year frame warranty. Asterisk had already earned a reputation as the leader in the off-the-shelf knee-brace market. The new Carbon Cell 1 is a game-changer.

OUR TAKE: We have been wearing the Asterisk Ultra Cell braces for the past two years. The first thing we noticed with the new Carbon Cell 1 was the weight—or lack of it. These braces are incredibly light. When walking around, you can hardly tell they are on. Fitment was excellent. Our 6-foot, 180-pound tester tried the medium size. It offered a snug-but-not-overly-tight fit from hinge to hinge. The framework is super light and wraps nicely in strategic zones to offer the best protection against the twisting and hyper-extension that motocross riders experience at the knee joint. The patella cup offers good coverage and is designed to take a hit, so protection is substantial. The Velcro straps are thinner than on past models and need to be adjusted per customer. We chose to do without the rubber pad on the strap that attaches just under the knee joint, as it was too thick for our tastes. The brace fit is really spot-on, and we did not experience any slippage, whereas past braces would slowly creep down our legs. We have used the brace in 100-mile off-road events and have had zero issues. The quality of the handmade Carbon Cell 1 is off the charts and rates a resounding gold star from the Dirt Bike staff.
PRICE: $799.95

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