PRODUCT: The Ares rear rotor disc guard is unique in the three-piece design, where it replaces the standard chain block, uses the strength of the swingarm to help absorb impacts and offers a two-year warranty. It’s made for 6061 aluminum, is anodized and lightweight, and takes on a high impact at an upward force by sending it into the swingarm. This inherently strengthens the guard monumentally.

OUR TAKE: We have been abusing the Ares disc guard, and the product has proven to be burly and offers premium protection. One of the best traits doesn’t come in the added protection to the rear rotor; it’s the installation. You literally just remove your axle nut and replace the axle-block adjuster with the Ares disc guard since it has the axle block built in. You can do this in less than two minutes. The construction is robust and has taken some gnarly hits. With a competitive price point and ease of install and a two-year warranty, we would highly recommend this product. We tested ours on a 2021 KTM 300XC, but they are available for KTM, Sherco, Beta, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and TM.
PRICE: $135

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