PRODUCT: Twin Air has released their Powerflow kit for the KTM/Husky two-strokes, and it consists of a new billet-aluminum cage that replaces the stock plastic unit and a new filter designed to work with the new more rigid cage. Twin Air’s fused-dual-layer design uses layers of open-pore foam, and the fine inner foam traps even the smallest particles. A new, rounder design boosts airflow and is aided by minimized seams made possible by a micro-gluing process. The pre-oiled filter (formerly only available to professional teams) is submerged in Bio Liquid Power filter oil, massaged so that all pores are evenly coated with oil and then is stored so that it can cure properly. 

OUR TAKE: To be honest, the stock Twin Air filter on the KTM works just fine. But, the Powerflow kit has four locating pins, so the filter is more secure. The rigid aluminum offers a better seal over the plastic cage also. Twin Air designed the locating posts at an ideal angle, so it is easier to install and retains proper tension on the tabs that hook onto the pins. The fit is tight, and after several months of testing, we never sucked dirt from an improper fit. The pre-oiled filter appears to be very light on oiling, yet never passed dirt even when abused in dusty conditions. The system isn’t cheap but is sano, and it’s very nice to have a complete spare air-filter system waiting if and when we need one. 

PRICE: $159.95         CONTACT: 

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