The guys at POD Active recently gave us the rundown on their line of knee braces, knee guards and youth products. Here are some of their points:

K8 2.0 KNEE BRACE: The all-new K8 knee brace from POD Active features a forged carbon frame backed by a five-year warranty, new impact guard design for better protection, slimmer hinge housing with improved ligaments, new damping inserts and knee grippers. The brand-new QuickLoc Clip System allows the user to anchor the brace faster and easier than before. The K8 2.0 is POD’s premium knee brace option.
Price: $399.95, single; $799.95, pair

K4 IMPACT MODIFIED KNEE BRACE: POD’s patented and medically certified K4 knee brace is an affordable alternative to just plain knee guards and have been clinically proven to reduce the amount and severity of knee injuries. The K4 features a lightweight composite frame backed by a two-year warranty. Patented Human Motion technology using synthetic ligaments provides progressive and multi-directional motion control and are used on the K8, K4 and K4 Youth models.
Price: $291.95, single; $549.95, pair

K4 YOUTH KNEE BRACE: POD designed a knee brace for the younger generation that offers all the protection and benefits of the adult knee brace, just scaled down in size to the youth rider. The K4 Youth brace features a composite frame backed by a two-year warranty, Human Motion Hinge, is CE-certified for impact protection and is certified as a medical device, just like the larger models in the POD knee brace lineup.
Price: $199.95, single; $399.95, pair

For more information on the complete line of POD knee braces, head over to

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