12.5 RACING: The OSET 12.5 Racing is a starter dirt bike designed to get children ages 3–5 years old off to the best possible start through developing their bike skills and confidence. Some features included on the 12.5 Racing are thin grips for small hands, front and rear disc brakes, padded chin guard, alloy wheels, hubs, bars and pegs, and high-grade adjustable suspension components. 

Price: $1699

16.0 RACING: Made for children ages 5–7, the OSET 16.0 Racing features a powerful 800-watt motor that has a run-time of 1–2 hours depending on the terrain. Just like the 12.5 Racing, this model also has a fully adjustable control panel with the exclusive three-dial system, magnetic kill switch, removable key, steel frame, disc brakes on both ends and adjustable suspension. The 16.0 Racing also has Kenda tires with different profiles on the front and rear to ensure traction on all types of terrain.

Price: $2199

24.0 RACING: OSET doesn’t only make electric bikes for kids. Their 24.0 Racing model is specifically made for larger youth riders and adults. With input from some of the top professional trials riders like multi-time world champion Pat Smage, the engineers at OSET designed the 24.0 Racing to handle itself in extreme conditions by world-class athletes, but also be adjustable enough for riders just getting started and learning the basic skills needed to ride. The 1400-watt motor is powered by a 20-Ah, high-output lithium battery that provides run-times of around two hours between charges.

Price: $4399

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