Jeff Douglas, founder of Nuetech, gives us the skinny on three hot new Nitromousse solid-foam inner tubes made with millions of nitrogen-charged micro-cells.

PLUSHIE:  Specifically made for slow, tight and technical extreme enduro-type riding, the all-new Nitromousse Plushie is all about traction. The Plushie is designed to mimic the feel of a standard tube with 6–8 pounds of pressure, with again having 100-percent flat-proof technology. These are a favorite of top professional riders like Cody Webb, Destry Abbott, Cooper Abbott and Quinn Wentzel.
Price: $134.95 each (comes with one tube of Nitrolube)

PLATINUM:  Gray in color, the Nitromousse Platinum is designed to give the rider a feel that is equivalent to a tube filled with 10–12 pounds of pressure but with 100-percent flat-proof technology. These inserts have been off-road torture-tested and are currently being used by factory race teams SLR Honda, JCR Honda, Team Factory One Sherco, Precision Concepts Kawasaki and many others.
Price: $134.95 each (comes with one tube of Nitrolube)

NITROWEDGE:  The Nitrowedge is an 8-inch section of a Nitromousse that allows the ability to increase the psi feel and/or just extend the life of a Nitromousse.
Price: $19.95

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