PRODUCT: This is the lightest helmet in the Klim line. It is made from hand-laid carbon fiber. The inner EPS unit is triple-layered. It has a large eye port for a wide-viewing platform, uses a Fid-Lock quick-release strap and has high-efficiency ventilation (13 intake vents/six exhaust). The shell structure is designed for maximum strength at the lightest weight possible. It is ECE-certified. (The Economic Commission for Europe has its own European standard similar to DOT and Snell testing. The values and tests vary slightly on most criteria, and it also adds a retention standard test for slipping, abrasion, retention and durability.)


OUR TAKE: We wanted the lightest possible helmet with the best possible safety features at a reasonable price. The Klim F3 Carbon lacks the bells and whistles of the F5 Koroyd (more ventilation, MIPS brain protection, and Koroyd energy-absorbing technology), but is substantially lighter, which is exactly what our off-road-oriented testers demanded. Riders who spend four to six hours on the trail feel that helmet weight has a dramatic effect on their physical ability to ride long and hard. The Klim F3 Carbon is incredibly light (1110 grams, or 2.4 pounds for a medium). The Fid-Lock chin strap (the buckle combines magnetic and mechanical fastening concepts) is excellent once you get accustomed to the drill, and the eye port and venting are well-designed. Overall, this is one of our favorite off-road helmets and gets a resounding high five from our normally ornery Dirt Bike editors.
PRICE: $399.99

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