PRODUCT: The Leatt GPX 5.5 FlexLock boots come to market following a three-year project development process using their pro athletes for testing and input. Leatt is committed to protection, but developed the GPX 5.5 with looks as an important caveat. It uses a FlexLock system that makes for adjustable boot flex, lockout of ankle movement, force reduction to ankle (up to 37 percent) and knee-force reduction (up to 35 percent). It has a SlideLock Velcro top closure, 3D-shaped impact foam over the ankles, a heel-grip ankle design, and the toe box is low-profile and shifter-friendly. The Leatt boots’ sole has a DualZone hardness and has an extended footpeg zone to accommodate varying riding styles with a steel shank for additional support. It uses a gripper inside for rider feel, the buckles are forged with an over-locking function, and the inner liner is breathable mesh with anti-slip reinforcement for zero heel lift.

OUR TAKE: First off, this is a great-looking boot. It is unique with its FlexLock design that absorbs energy yet offers a good amount of feel. This is one area where a non-hinge boot usually lacks feel and requires generous break-in before you get totally comfortable with mobility, shifting and finding the brake pedal. The FlexLock is a multi-directional system that allows the boot to hinge forward and backward. Additionally, it has an inward and outward flexing ability that is designed to mirror your ankle movement. The amount that the boot flexes in this direction is limited by the FlexLock system.

The Leatt GPX 5.5 has far better foot mobility than a normal non-hinged boot, yet gives you the ability to lock out as much ankle movement as you want. Weight-wise, our size 10 was just under 9 pounds, which is about average. For most riders, the lighter the boot, the better, as it’s easier on your knees and mobility. We liked the GPX top SlideLock closure (you can secure the Velcro, then buckle the top strap, which slides against itself in one direction), the minimal break-in, the fit and feel through the ankle, and the ease of the buckling system. We felt that the protection and comfort levels rate high, the low break-in time and feel get top marks, and the price is very friendly, considering the high-end appeal of the boots.

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