The Klim Edge off-road goggles offer a maximum field of view with a fog-resistant lens and OTG cutouts to accommodate the riders who wear glasses. The ultra-HD lens achieves virtually perfect optical clarity. The multi-density frame helps seal out the elements and features a locking magnetic quick-release lens for quick replacements. It also features a magnetic removable nose guard. The goggle band is fully adjustable and silicone-lined for slip resistance. Other features are a UV 400 rating, and the goggles also pass the ANSI Z87.1 impact protection safety standard.

OUR TAKE: Our maiden voyage with the Klim Edge goggles was on a very frigid and windy day in some extremely technical terrain. It would prove to be perfect to test its anti-fogging capabilities, and the Edge responded quite nicely. The slow speeds, maximum effort and cold temps usually equal immediate fogging, but the Edge fought these conditions better than just about anything we have tested in the same conditions.

The goggles are comfortable, and offer a good face seal and excellent FOV (field of view). The two-part frame uses a firm material around the lens and outriggers for structural support with a more flexible part for face comfort. Riders who wear glasses will appreciate the over-the-glasses (OTG) compatibility with frame cutouts that make it easy to wear glasses underneath the goggles. With some mods, even larger glasses fit nicely into the internal real estate of the goggle. The injected-molded lens not only has very good optics and the locking magnetic quick release is excellent. Changing a lens will take just seconds.
Overall, top marks for vision, comfort, reducing fogged lens and the frame-less design that uses magnets to guide the lens into place with a slide lock to secure it. Pretty cool, Klim.
PRICE: $139.99

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