PRODUCT: Just1 has expanded from a helmet company into a source for almost every piece of riding gear, and that includes goggles. There are two models in the Just1 goggle line, the premium version being the Iris. This uses an outrigger attachment design for the strap and includes a removable nose piece. Face fitment comes from dual-density foam. The lens is made in Italy and has an anti-fog coating on the interior and a scratch-resistant coating outside.

OUR TAKE: The Iris compares, feature for feature, with the most expensive goggles available. It offers a very similar fit to the 100% Armega, but sells for considerably less. The Iris uses a three-post tear-off system and is compatible with a roll-off system as well. A number of different test riders tried the Iris, and all had similar comments: the goggles are slightly larger than most others, but still fit well into every helmet we tried, including Bell, Shoei, 6D, Troy Lee and Arai. The only problem with that oversize exterior comes if your helmet is ill-fitting; if the entire helmet is moving around on your head, so will the googles. They offer excellent protection and, with the nose piece, even keep your face from getting cold on winter days. The standard lens has good anti-fog characteristics, although they can get saturated and somewhat blurry in extreme conditions, just like any lens. Changing lenses is similar to any modern set of goggles; it takes a little time, but gets easier the more often you do it. Tear-offs are also installed as quickly as any other goggles on the market. Just1 does not currently offer laminated tear-off stacks.

BOTTOM LINE: The Iris is a great set of goggles. We like the fit, we like the protection and we like the price.
PRICE: $69.99

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