PRODUCT: The FMF Turbine Core 2.1 is FMF’s latest two-stroke spark arrestor. This new silencer is inspired by FMF’s 4.1 muffler line and uses its turbine damping system as the spark arrestor, which helps increase the exhaust flow and requires little maintenance since it is not a screen type, which can clog after a few rides. The size of the silencer is larger in diameter and length than most, and this helps with depressing the decibel level and extends the life of your packing. This is a USFS-approved spark arrestor.

OUR TAKE: We used this silencer on our Beta 300RR and came away impressed. It’s a handsome unit and, once installed, the exhaust note is stealthy. On normal spark arrestors that use a swirl-type arrestor bullet, you can lose critical packing area. That’s where the large and long can on the Turbine Core 2.1 works nicely and has a much softer tone compared to the standard FMF Turbine Core muffler. Performance-wise, there were no drastic changes in the power. Surprisingly, our bike felt like it gained a small amount of bottom end, probably due to the longer silencer creating more back pressure. Up on top, our test bike pulled just as hard with the new 2.1 as with the stock silencer, which on our Beta 300RR does not come stock with a spark arrestor. Overall, this unit gives you looks, performance and legality for riding on public land. This silencer will be available for most modern two-strokes.

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