PRODUCT: FCP Racing offers a chassis upgrade with titanium and aluminum engine-mount kits. The front engine mounts are CNC-machined out of titanium and come in the exotic titanium color combined with CNC-machined aluminum top engine mounts anodized bronze. We tested the kit specifically designed for the 2019-’20 Kawasaki KX450 motocross model.

POSITIVES: The FCP Racing KX450 mount kits are easy to install, have a cool rainbow look on the front titanium mounts and a bronze look on the top mounts that really make the parts stand out. For some people this would be enough, but luckily for FCP, they really do change the handling enough for the average guy to comment. We noticed an improvement in front-end traction and bite in the corners, allowing test riders to easily reach inside lines that previously had been difficult to hit. Test riders also noticed more rider comfort with an overall plusher feel that resulted in less rider fatigue.

NEGATIVES: At just under $400, the FCP mounts aren’t cheap, so you gotta really be looking to fix a specific problem.

BOTTOM LINE: We like the fact that Kris Palm and the crew at FCP are making factory-level aftermarket items available to the average rider. In our testing they made a considerable difference on the already-good 2020 Kawasaki KX450, and if you are looking for some additional plushness, they definitely deliver.

PRICE: $399 per set  CONTACT: 

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