PRODUCT: The Bridgestone Battlecross E50R is an FIM-compatible rear enduro tire that is DOT legal. The E50R has improved traction and cornering grip while remaining FIM compliant. It features wide-spaced tread blocks that have increased rigidity and Castle Block technology for maximum bite and optimum traction. Bridgestone’s Bunker technology uses strategically placed dents at the base of the tread blocks to create an added biting edge, even when the tire is completely buried in various conditions. This is an off-road tire designed for massive grip and forward drive.

OUR TAKE: We tested the Battlecross E50R in a 140/80-18 in our high-desert off-road zones. The current conditions range from dry and loose to mud and snow at the higher elevations. The tread compound targets thicker terrain. The large gaps in the blocks clean and grab for traction, and the Castle Block technology works decently in rocky terrain in spite of the large gaps in the knob pattern. Still, since the knobs are not overly tall, they grab nicely, especially if you run a lower air pressure so that the carcass flexes with input from the trail. Cornering traction was excellent, since the tire has a great overall radius and would let riders lean the bike very low in the corners without breaking traction. The wear factor was excellent and it earned top marks in the majority of enduro conditions. In rocky terrain the gappy knob pattern struggles, but Bridgestone offers the E50R in a gummy version which is quite superb in extreme terrain. Overall, the Bridgestone E50R has moved into the upper echelon of preferred enduro/off-road rear tires.

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