The FMF Titanium Powercore 2.1 Extreme silencer was developed for the hard enduro rider (i.e., Cody Webb, Graham Jarvis, and Colton Haaker). It has a very long titanium can, which has a larger diameter than the standard FMF silencers. The main goal is to smooth out the powerband for the rider who demands traction to conquer terrain. This also results in a decibel loss and packing that lasts longer. It has no spark arrestor.

Where you notice the energy difference compared to stock is down low in the powerband. It’s subtle. The 2.1 Extreme retains good initial drive (snappier than the 2.1 Turbine Core) and then spreads the power out gradually with nice flow. The can of the silencer is very long, creating more back pressure for the engine, which helps with that enhanced lower-end power surge, and is incredibly light via the titanium construction. With no spark arrestor, it’s anti-climactic for the trail rider who needs to be legal, but for the hard-enduro racer, it’s quiet, smooth, sano and light.
Price: $399.99

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