Crossfire 3 TA: The Crossfire 3 TA is an all-new model for 2018 for those riders who prefer that feel of a sewn-on sole versus the more-firm SR version. The 3 TA is identical in features to the 3 SR, with the exception of the sole. Our off-road riders love it because of the TA sole and the ability to rebuild the whole boot.  The TA model has a softer rubber sole that has better brake/shifter feel, and that is more comfortable if you do some walking or bike wrestling.

Price:  $545

Crossfire X-3 Lei (women): The X-3 Lei is Sidi’s most cost-effective way to experience professional-level boots. Our women riders rave about it because the boot is actually made with a women’s-specific mold, so it fits right out of the box. It is made with the same laminated Technomicro and TA sole as the Crossfire but is quite a bit lighter. It also features the same cam-lock buckles, Cambrelle inner lining, heel and insole as the higher-end boots. It is a great boot for women and a great value.

Price: $345

Adventure 2 Gore-Tex: Combining motocross-level protection with a boot that’s comfortable on or off the bike, the Adventure 2 Gore-Tex is an evolution of the ultimate adventure boot.  This boot is great for the dual-sport rider or someone who likes to explore off the bike as much as on. It is so popular because it offers great protection, is lightweight and comfortable for all-day rides, and is fully waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane. It is a great boot to travel in and explore.

Price: $495

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