The Flying Machine Factory (FMF) gives us the lowdown on three hot two-stroke products for 2021.

GNARLY PIPE: The FMF Gnarly pipe focuses on increasing the lower-rpm horsepower and torque to get you out of the toughest terrain. When looking to add four-stroke, tractor-like torque to your two-stroke and you need a pipe to withstand the harsh elements, this is the pipe for you. It’s strong and rugged with nickel-plated, 18-gauge steel construction. This aggressive pipe dishes out tons of torque and bottom-to-midrange pull needed for late-model 200cc-through-500cc machines and the rigors of the off-road domain.
Price: $259.99

TITANIUM POWERCORE 2.1 EXTREME: FMF, since 1973, has been about pushing the boundaries inside of the FMF Factory and the gnarliest of trails. The all-new titanium PowerCore 2.1 Extreme was developed around extreme riders, such as Cody Webb, Graham Jarvis and Colton Haaker to name a few. It was built to create smooth, tractable power to help in the toughest conditions. This is proof FMF is totally committed to two-stroke progression in weight, performance and looks. FMF loves two-strokes; their employees ride two-strokes, and they are devoted to delivering superior power to the two-stroke faithful. It’s race-tested and has the smoothest power curve throughout the rpm range. It’s engineered to assault the toughest terrain and conditions, such as Erzberg, Romaniacs and the TKO. The larger-diameter titanium canister offers more tuneability and longer-lasting packing life. The Extreme silencer delivers low-decibel performance, so you can really hear how optimal your bike is running. Front to back, it has complete titanium construction. It’s optimally designed to complement the performance of FMF pipes. It fits FMF or stock.
Price: $399.99

FACTORY FATTY: The Factory Fatty is reminiscent of the works or cone pipe once used by factory teams, with lighter 20-gauge steel for the body and 19-gauge steel for the header portion. It shares many of the same characteristics with its craftsmanship and material quality. The Factory Fatty broadens and smooths out the power curve, while boosting gains throughout the entire powerband, more low-end, more mid and increased over-rev. No matter what type of riding you do, the Fatty has the benefits you’re looking for.
Price: $259.99

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