Mike Beier from Asterisk gives us the dirt on three of their popular knee-brace items headed into the off-road season.


JUNIOR CELL: Riding and racing motorcycles are serious business, even for the kids. There is no doubt their growing knees need and deserve protection, and our Asterisk Junior Cell Protection System is ready to do the job. Our proprietary fastening design is simple, stress-free and creates a comfortable and user-friendly brace for the future of the sport.
Price: $174.50 each


ZERO-G: Our Zero G Performance knee brace pants were born out of a need and solution. The pants envelop the knee brace, which allows it to keep the brace in place by utilizing compression from the hips. The over-sleeve in the pant seals the brace into the pocket with a Velcro enclosure located at the thigh area. It also compresses any brace portions that may typically get caught on a moto pant. It makes it simpler to slide the pants over the knee brace, as well as allow the brace to move without restraint under the pants. Additionally, the pants feature a Cordura built-in gear guard and anti-rotation tether slots.
Price: $75.65


CARBON CELL 1: The latest release from Asterisk is the Carbon Cell 1 (CC1). The CC1 is manufactured from military-spec- and aerospace-grade carbon fiber pre-preg that is made in America. Our focus during the design and development of the CC1 was making the slimmest, lightest, most comfortable knee brace in the world. At roughly 1 pound, or 454 grams (+/- depending on size) per brace, we believe it’s the lightest, best-fitting, most comfortable and functional knee brace in the world without sacrificing strength and durability. The CC1 is backed by a three-year frame warranty.
Price: $399.97 each

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