PRODUCT: The Pro Circuit T-6 slip-on muffler for the 2016–’18 Kawasaki KX450F features stainless steel tubing and an end cap with an aluminum canister for increased durability. Pro Circuit designed the T-6 for riders looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-install, durable performance silencer that can bolt directly onto a stock head pipe. The T-6 is also equipped with a removable USFS-approved spark arrestor for off-road use. This unit is not designed to pass FIM or AMA sound requirements.

POSITIVES: Pro Circuit’s T-6 is easy to install and goes on without any issues. Additional hardware is included that replaces the stock rear mounting hardware. The new bolt is longer, going all the way through the subframe, allowing a lock nut to be used on the back side. Kawasaki is notorious for stock bolts vibrating out, and the lock nut eliminates that problem. We did notice a slight performance increase in the midrange and top end. We also noticed the exhaust sound changed significantly from the raspy, high-pitched note of the stock unit to a deeper, throatier sound with the Pro Circuit T-6 muffler.

NEGATIVES: No tools are included to remove the spark arrestor screen that comes installed in the muffler. This is a slip-on-only system and will not work with Pro Circuit’s head pipe. If you decide you want a full system later on, you can’t just add a head pipe. If the spark arrestor is not going to be used, remove it right away, because once the muffler is hot, removing it is almost impossible.

BOTTOM LINE: Pro Circuit’s T-6 slip-on muffler is a quality-built unit that offers weight savings, improved performance and a rebuildable design. The option of a removable Forestry Service-approved spark arrestor making you legal for OHV-area riding is a major hit with us, and it’s all at a price that won’t break the bank.

PRICE: $465.95


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