Husqvarna Motorcycles sponsors Ronnie Lechien and Joel Robert episodes.
FULLERTON, CA. (MARCH 2, 2009) – ‘The Motocross Files’ is getting two prime time slots on Speed this Saturday with re-airs of the highly touted Ronnie Lechien and Joel Robert episodes. The shows will air back to back at 10:00pm and 10:30pm (Eastern Time) and 7:00pm and 7:30pm on the West Coast. This is the first of several re-airs Speed is doing with the series as the John DeSoto and Jeff Stanton episodes will be re-airing as well on March 10th, 2009. A prime time airing is important to provide the largest possible audience with a chance to see the show perhaps for the first time.
Also joining as a Motocross Files series sponsor is Husqvarna Motorcycles. Husqvarna will use the opportunity to promote their current ‘Hero Deals’ sales promotion with a new commercial produced by Pipeline Digital Media. This will be the Husqvarna’s first substantial television promotion in the United States in over two decades.

‘We are extremely pleased that Speed is giving the show a major slot in their Saturday night line-up. It will provide a larger audience for the series which is already so well-received by the motorcycle community’ said Todd Huffman, Producer of The Motocross Files. ‘With a brand message that claims ‘Heroes Ride Huskys’ Husqvarna is a perfect partner for The Motocross Files. Plus, the timing of these episodes coincides nicely with Husqvarna’s current ‘Hero Deals’ sales promotion.’ Huffman added.
‘Todd Huffman presented a unique opportunity for Husqvarna to join ‘The Motocross Files’ and use it as a cost-effective way of extending our reach to a larger audience which compliments our print and online advertising campaigns.’ said  Scot Harden, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Husqvarna Motorcycles NA, LLC. ‘Since the early days of off-road racing, Husqvarna has been synonymous with the history and evolution of the sport and our association with a quality national TV series like ‘The Motocross Files’ makes good sense for us,’ Harden added.
The Motocross Files Current Air Schedule on Speed:
Saturday, March 7th at 10:00pm (ET) Ronnie Lechien
Saturday, March 7th at 10:30pm (ET) Joel Robert*
Tuesday, March 10th at 2:00pm (ET) John DeSoto
Tuesday, March 10th at 2:30pm (ET) Jeff Stanton
*Because of accents of several European legends in this episode some viewers may want to turn on their closed captioning on their TV’s if available.
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