TM is a small, independent company out of Pesaro, Italy that is often very  innovative in the world of off-road motorcycles. Usually, TM is the last manufacturer to show its model line for the upcoming year, but we have  a few images of the 300 fuel-injected two-stroke enduro bike and the 250 four-stroke motocrosser. TM is the only manufacturer outside of the Pierer Mobility group (KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas) to offer transfer port fuel injection for two strokes. Unlike the Austrian bikes, TM continues to offer carbureted two-strokes as well.

The 300 two-stroke enduro bike looks to have the same basic motor, but with a new frame. TM has long been the only significant manufacturer in Europe to supply its bikes with aluminum frames. The bike will continue to have an electronic power valve. We expect the U.S. models to continue with the KYB fork.

The 250 four-stroke has the newest engine configuration in the TM line, having debuted two year ago. The 2022 model has a new frame. The fuel tank is still located under the seat with the filler on the side. It also retains the two-sided exhaust system.

One of the most remarkable facts about TM is the diversity of models offered. No manufacturer of any size continues to supply so many machines in so many subcategories, both two-stroke and four-stroke. The U.S. TM importer has confirmed that it will sell over 30 different models in the U.S. next year. Here’s the list with preliminary pricing:

TM 85 MX: $6,345.00
TM 100 MX: $6,395.00
TM 112 MX: $6,995.00
TM 125 MX:$ 8,545.00
TM 144 MX: $8,745.00
TM 250 ES MX: $9,195.00
TM 300 ES MX: $9,395.00

TM 125 Fi EN: $9,395.00
TM 144 EN: $9,245.00
TM 144 Fi EN: $9,895.00
TM 250 ES EN: $9,745.00
TM 250 ES Fi EN: $10,095.00
TM 300 ES EN: $9,895.00
TM 300 ES Fi EN: $10,295.00

TM 250Fi ES MX: $11,195.00
TM 300Fi ES MX: $ 11,195.00
TM 450Fi ES MX: $ 10,995.00
TM 530Fi ES MX: $ 10,995.00

TM 250Fi Dual Ex EN: $ 11,395.00
TM 300Fi Dual Ex EN: $ 11,995.00
TM 450Fi EN: $ 11,195.00
TM 530Fi EN: $ 11,195.00
TM 85 SMX: $ 7,195.00

TM 100 SMX: $ 7,395.00
TM 112 SMX: $ 7,595.00
TM 300 ES SMX : $10,495.00
TM 250Fi SMX: $ 11,995.00
TM 450Fi SMX: $ 12,295.00
TM 530Fi SMX: $ 12,295.00
TM 450Fi KIT SMX: $ 13,995.00
TM 125Fi SMR: $ 10,595.00

TM 300Fi 2T SMR: $ 10,995.00
TM 450Fi SMR: $ 11,395.00
TM 530Fi SMR: $ 11,395.00

TM 300 ES FT: $ 10,295.00
TM 450Fi FT: $ 11,695.00
TM 530Fi FT: $ 11,495.00

More information is forthcoming when TM makes its official reveal of the full 2022 line.

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