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Machined aluminum with a lower down spout for noise dispersion, an inline spark arrestor for added power highlight the Power Quiet Pipes KTM Endcap.


KTM owners looking for a power increase out of the their XCW/EXC models, and still retain a good quiet factor should embrace the brand new Power Quiet Pipes KTM End Cap. It installs in about 3 minutes with just a Torx wrench and requires no hole drilling. Just pop in place and re-use the stock screws. It was designed to make more power than stock, at all throttle openings and still stay nice and quiet.  It weighs 1/4 pound less than the stock EXC end cap and has an outlet lower than your turn signal to it won’t get cooked.

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The stock system uses an open chamber that is not inline with the end cap to distribute and dampen the exhaust note.


On the stock system (see image above) the main core exits into an open chamber, then it must find it’s way up to the outlet tube and then out into the atmosphere. Not only is the muffler restrictive in the sense that the exhaust has to back track and find its way out, but the size of the outlet tube, in the open ended XCF-W muffler is a demure 1.100 inches.  This is just big enough for the 250-model bike and anything after that, it holds the power back.  And on the EXC models, it has the double wall perforated screen welded in the end of the muffler and this cuts the outlet are down to about .600″ or 14mm.  This is good for sound control, not good for power. In fact, on the 500 models, this pressure buildup creates so much extra heat in you engine, that it’s not even good for your engine life.

black cap in cutaway hi res hi res
The Power Quiet Pipes design is inline, enhancing flow with only a minimal exhaust note increase.

The Power Quiet Pipes End Cap (above) features a larger ID tube, of 1.320″, lines up with the end of the core for unrestricted outward flow of the exhaust gases. The end cap has also had quite a bit of design time put into it, fine tuning the proper chamber sizes, relief tubes and their lengths in order to get the best power with the least amount of noise. It exits through a legal spark arrestor and the sound has a soft, non-cracky tone to it that passes all sound tests. It’s not much louder than the stock XCF-W and a shade quieter than the slip on systems with a quiet insert.


Price: $159.95

Contact: bestdualsportbikes.com

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