There have been a number of readers who are having trouble getting a hold of the folks at World Power, the makers of Power Now. We featured the carburetor wing that combats internal fuel and air turbulence in the May issue, and followed up this month with more testing on one for a KTM400. Because of the nature of the company, the owner travels constantly to various R&D facilities and he feels that e-mail, or his web site are the best ways to get in touch for product information and/or ordering. Up to this point we know for a fact that demand has outdistanced supply, though all of the newer version will be made from Billet aluminum.

The unit that we tested for the KTM 400 was such a beast, it’ll sell for a bit more ($79.95 for KTM, $69.95 is the regular price) and incredibly, the Power Now system worked superbly. It isn’t the easiest thing to install on the Katooms (just removing the rear bell is a hassle, though World Power provides a ball ended allen to help) but the power improvement was worth it. Bottom power improves immediately,w hich translates into increased roll-on. We felt a stronger mid and could actually carry a higher gear when working the machine in the woods. All in all, it’s good. We just talked with Dave Simon and he informed us that production of the new billet Power Now has been substantially increased and that his warehouse is stocked. Therefore, getting the little gems is no longer a problem as they are in stock.

His web site address is www.worldpowerracing.com and the e-mail address is [email protected]


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