In His Own Words : Zach Bell

“The weekend went really well. Saturday was good in the AA race. [In the pro race] I got off to a good start and put myself in the lead. From there, I was really able to execute my laps and really feel like myself out there. I feel like I’ve been getting stronger and stronger each weekend. My routine’s been to have less time on the bike during the week, just so I can be stronger for the weekends, and I feel like that’s really helped. It’s good to ride during the week, but with the schedule, it’s really been key for me to take the time to recover in between rounds. So, I’m excited to keep improving. This weekend was really good for me again: another first place in the NGPC series. So, I’m just looking to keep building and getting ready for next year.”

In His Own Words : JP Alvarez

“Overall, I feel ok about the day. I wanted to come in here knowing I could win and I had that mindset. I think I got a seventh- or eighth-place start. So, I had to make my way through the pack. I think I got up to third on the first lap. At one point I got into second. But then Tallon got into his groove and just got by me. The bike was great today. I couldn’t have asked for a better setup. And my body felt strong, but a few mistakes happened, and it just wasn’t my race today. Nothing was really holding me back out there. I think I could have gone a little quicker in the corners. But Mateo and Tallon were just on it, and I just wasn’t today, I guess!”

In His Own Words : Robby Bell, Team Manager

“Zach was next-level out there today. I could see it in his body language that he was feeling strong and really confident. Days like that, where the bike is working great and your body feels good, are such a joy to be a part of. It’s great to see Zach getting better and better each weekend. Hopefully he can continue to ride this momentum through the final couple rounds, and then into 2021.

“JP had a good ride today. He had a great recovery on the first lap to come from around eighth up to third. Then, after he got by Tallon, I was hopeful he was going to continue that pace up to Mateo. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t quite there today. But to still come away with a podium finish was great. And considering this is a course that can bite you if you’re trying to over-ride it, I was glad to see him ride smart and not force it if it wasn’t there.

“Man, I’m gutted for Clay to have his day end so soon. He was riding really well Saturday and I was looking forward to seeing what he could do in the Pro 2 main. The start was awesome and he was right where he needed to be. Unfortunately, sometimes things just happen. We know we had a failure, but that’s really all we know right now. We’ll have to diagnose it this week to determine what caused it. But I appreciate Clay’s positive spirits in spite of the issue and I know he’ll be raring to bounce back next weekend.”

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