Press Release – For immediate release

SPOKANE, WA (October 12, 2012) – Peg Armor is proud to announce the release of the Peg Armor foot peg guards. Built for mx and off-road riders, the simple installation of Peg Armor prevents mud and other debris from packing into the foot peg spring mechanism.

With the addition of Peg Armor (, foot pegs will always return to the standard horizontal position. Eliminate the awkward foot position when the pegs are packed with debris and adversely effect the normal riding position. Additionally, for off-roaders slamming over rocks and stumps and mx racers in deep rut situations, Peg Armor simply glide across the obstacles. Guards are used by factory teams when the conditions dictate, shouldn’t you have the same advantage?

Peg Armor are crafted with 304 stainless steel construction (no rusting), built of a one-piece tigwelded design (strength), and the total weight for the set is a remarkable 6oz on average. Peg Armor are custom built for each make and model with a retail price of only $59.95.

About Peg Armor: Peg Armor was founded by Josh LaJiness, an AMA Professional Supercross and motocross racer. Peg Armor is proudly 100% designed, manufactured and distributed in the U.S.A from our Spokane, WA facility.

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