OX Motorsports had some interesting days leading up to the running of this year’s Score International Baja 1000. Colton Udall had planned to Ironman the 1x machine at this year’s event but after doing some pre-running, decided against it and opted to ride with  team members Mark Samuels and Justin Jones. It’s a good thing he did because  Tuesday night during pre-running team leader Colton Udall went down, breaking his collarbone. There was a mad scramble to get him back in the U.S. for surgery. Udall’s 2016 Baja 1000 had ended before it started, but the OX Motorsports team was just beginning the journey. David Kamo (who is still extremely fast on a dirt bike) just happened to be down in Baja working with his wife at PCI Race Radios. So the OX Motorsports team approached Kamo with some MSR gear and a pre-running machine asking him to join them. He grabbed the equipment and off into the Baja sunset he went to learn his section like a true professional. During all this excitement the riders on the OX Motorsports 3x team were quietly learning their sections as well. The 1x and 3x Ox Motorsports teams would end up finishing first and second with the 45x machine piloted by Francisco Arredondo, Max Eddy, Shane Eposito, Justin Morgan and Dalton Shirey rounding out the overall podium.

Photos By Kato


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