The Elsinore GP almost didn’t happen this year. In fact, it was officially canceled after the promoters walked away from terminal red tape about six weeks from start time. At the last second, Lake Elsinore MX Park Manager Randy Hiner stepped up to the plate to put the traditional event together. The course couldn’t be located at the original site, but Hiner managed to put together a legitimate GP course within the confines of the MC park on the south side of the lake.

The participants didn’t even seem to notice that the location had changed and they came out in huge numbers for two days of racing. The entire weekend culminated the the traditional 100 miler. It was no longer called the Harvey Mushman 100 (named for Steve McQueen’s alter ego). Instead, it was the Bob Magee 100, named for the city’s mayor (evidently The Brownnose 100 didn’t have a very good ring). Regardless of what it was called, it was Yoshimura’s Richie Owens who led every inch of it. Billy Laninovich made a charge to close within 30 seconds near the end. Elsinore marked the only significant win for Owens in over a year of off-road contention on Gary Jones Racing.

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