Jim O’Neal, the owner/operator of O’Neal Racing is one of the biggest and hardest of hard-core dirt fiends that we’ve ever known. For the last half dozen years Jim has switched his passion from the motocross track to Baja, and has compiled a winning resume that is astounding. Last year alone Jim had his hands in the 30, 40, 50 and 60 class machines and they all won their class! With Baja just two weeks out we traveled out to Dove Springs and watched Jim organize his Honda mounted team during their final suspension and lights testing. Jim not only spends his time in the saddle, he’s the Honcho of an incredibly successful team that is simply driven because of his passion for the sport. Here’s Look for a full story in Dirt Bike down the road.

Andy Kirker monkin’

The Class 30 wagon

Big $$

Class50-40 Test

Frame mounted lights
Nite testing

O’Neal Testing
O’Neal Testing
Scott Dunlavey, Jim and Jr.
Talking with the boss

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