The summer heat in the So Cal riding zones requires early starts and keeping the loops fun. For the last few weeks we have been hitting the trails with our Husky TE300i, looking for mods and setups that help elevate the machines prowess as a terrain conquerer.



DB test rider Ryan Koch at the wheel of our product test format where we’re testing mods in the quest for enhanced engine enthusiasm and protection.


Here’s Phase one: we bolted on some SXS armor, Slavens Racing sent us an S3 head, Coober a new ECU, fit on a taller Seat Concepts saddle and Tom Webb bolted on his Cone Valve fork to work with his size. We fit on an FMF Fatty with an E Line pipe guard (after we crushed the stocker) and several other products to help with ergos.


You can see the low elevation S3 dome, compared to the stock head. It increases compression which bolsters bottom to mid power.


The Coober ECU is a critical mod if you up the compression like we did with the S3 head.


The high-compression S3 head install is pretty basic, the Slavens TPS guard is a savvy way to protect your ‘very expensive’ TPS unit.



Ryan was bummed riding the HQV 300. He called it too good for trails and obstacles he loves and wants one! Ryan likes the fanny traction of the Seat Concepts saddle, but being short legged wasn’t overly pumped with Wolf’s Comfort tall unit.


Twin Air’s Ice Flow was the coolant used once we made the head swap. We really like this product! Notice the Enduro Engineering handlebar perch spacers- taller guys who want their bars up will like this mod.


The Ares/Slavens Racing disc guard is sano, bolts on in seconds (replacing the right side axle adjuster) and is durable.


The Cylinder Saver is a great mod as it can save an easily damaged exhaust flange when you smash the pipe. We’ve seen totally broken cylinders with a well focused expansion chamber smash. Slavens Racing sells them.


T Webb dancing down the trail on the TE300i. He praised the stock power, loves the modded performance and craves the ease at which the machine handles good old fashion enduro trails.


The SXS handguards need the SXS Burly mounts. They are very strong and offer more coverage than the standard guards. Yes, the Cone Valve fork is Webb’s personal system- she’s pricey but he loves the Kreft valved action.


The chain guide mount on the swingarm of the HQV TE300 is a weak point. When you slam the guide into a rock it can damage, bend, or break the tabs on the swingarm. The Bullet Proof Designs swingarm guard is an aluminum one-piece design that protects this area from ride ending abuse.



Ryan likes the Braktech hydraulic clutch via good feel and a light pull. He’s not over the top about the front brake though, saying it lacks the feel and progression of the Brembo stopper.


IMS Enduro Core Lowboy footpegs are a must for the rider looking for less knee scrunching. An SRT brake pedal tip is larger, has multiple mounting points and is a nice touch for the big booted crowd. The SXS glide plate is flat tough and protects the linkage!


Here’s a nice view of the armor on the machine- E Line pipe guard, SXS Glide Plate, Ares/Slavens disc guard and SXS hand guards. When required, we run an FMF 2.1 Turbine Core system which has a spark arrestor.



Mike Webb dives into a slot with his KTM 300TPI. Everyone on our ride was on a TPI machine, with varying modifications making it fun to swap bikes and test identical power plants with different performance enhancements.


MWebb checking out Twebb’s HQV.


Shane Nalley is one of our main trail motoheads and showed up with an Erzberg 300 TPI he just purchased.


And little brother Tipper slides down the trail one his Chilean 300TPI steed.


Over and out!

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