This weekend we pointed it towards Caliente, Nevada for the epic riding at the 
Nevada 200.  DB's Tom Webb took a new KTM 500 EXC dual sport machine to test, 
his brother Mike piloted his tried and true and Suzuki RMZ450. Here's a look 
at what we thrash tested, problems we over came and some highlights from 
the event.
The Wolf quickly setup the new KTM 500EXC just as Dirt Bike was finishing up the stock testing of the machine. His focus was ergonomics- seat-bars-pegs and of course suspension to handle his tonnage.
A Tall Seat Concepts comfort saddle was used, stock bars with PHDS perches, SXS hand guards (much beefier than the stock wings), his setup Kreft suspension (sprung and setup for his size) and a production muffler off of a Husky FE501 (flows better than the EXC unit, and is hugely quiet). He will be testing some after market systems soon!
Low boy IMS pegs increase leg room, the SXS Slideplate is lightweight and gnarly thick!
Wolf used his Moose Racing wheel set (which have a jillion hours on them!) and fit up an STR disc guard that he used for a year on his 300.
A MotoZ Arena hybrid (Gummy) was fit with a standard Nitro Mousse. The combo was excellent for the tough Nevada terrain gripping superbly in the loose rocks and offering great bike on a myriad of thick sand washes. Too, the tire holds up incredibly well!
Gearing was switched from the stock 14/48 to 14/50. It was still a bit tall in the tight stuff and Webb says he’s going to 14/52. A Bullet Proof Designs Swingarm guard keep the chain guide from twisting and bending the swing arm tabs when it gets slammed by a boulder. Gotta have one!

For the first half of the Nevada 200 Mike Webb’s Rekluse equipped RMZ450 wasn’t working properly. The auto clutch wasn’t engaging or disengaging making for a machine that was constantly stalling. Mike had replaced the plates prior to the event and obviously didn’t set the gap correctly  between the pressure plate and the clutch pack. Incredibly Craig Hill ( tagged Top of the Hill) happened to be an engineer, knew nothing about the Rekluse but figured out ‘logically’ how to reset the gap. It worked and MWebb went on to have a hoot!
Set up correctly, The Rekluse Radius CX clutch takes the motocross manners of the RMZ450 (coughs and barfs easily at slow speeds) and makes it into a stall free ride in tight, ugly terrain. Mike Webb says it’s the best mod you can do if riding off-road on the beast is your passion.
Scot Harden and Daryl Folks hold the riders meeting at the annual Nevada 200.
Mr. Harden’s personal scoot, a ’21 HQV 300TPi. Dicks Racing set it up for him.
Tom and Mike Webb rode with this legend for the Main Saturday event- Max Switzer. Mad Max is a mere 82-years old and rode the entire A Loop! The man still hauls the mail!


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