Andrews Suzuki rider and reigning OMA Champion Jimmy Jarrett overcame adversity in the form of a first turn pileup to soldier through a pack of determined pro racers at the OMA Wildcat 100. The Bill Gusse designed circuit was once again a tough test of man and machine, and in typical Gusse form, the riders were pummeled with tight nasty terrain.

A $1000.00 holeshot award went to the first pro to cross the line two turns into the race and Jarrett; a notoriously great starter appeared to snare the top spot once again. But exiting the first turn Oklahoma’s Tony Joiner slammed Jarrett and took both of them to ground. Jarrett re-started last with a badly bent up RM and a look of hatred in his eyes. It didn’t bode well for the other competitors in the event. Fun Mart KTM racer Shane Watts grabbed the holeshot and the 10 $100.00 bills on his little 200 and then led for the first two laps.
JJ made quick work of a strong field that included World Enduro hero Paul Edmondson, Justin Williamson, England’s Jason Thomas, young up and comer Adam Bonneur plus a gaggle of hungry pros looking for payback at the prestigious OMA National. Jarrett and Watts ran nose to tail for the most of the event and in the process gapped everyone else by nearly four minutes. On the second to last lap Shane’s KTM 200 suffered from a leaky float had run itself out of fuel and Jarrett cruised to a huge win.

Justin Williamson took over as runner-up but was miles behind Jarrett on his Racing/Kenda Yamaha YZ250. Visiting British racer Jason Thomas, on a Fun Mart Cycles/PAR Homes/UFO Honda CR250R, took third. Watts ended up fourth, while rookie Pro Adam Bonneur rounded out the top five on his Fun Mart Cycles/Maxxis/Moose Yamaha YZ250.

Once again, thanks to Bill Gusse and the OMA crew for putting on a superb event. The Arkansas crowd craved the rocky terrain, Mother Nature spit on the track with a violent rainstorm and all of the racers got a taste of good ole’ Gusse Hot Sauce sprinkled with some red dirt and salted with rocks. Good stuff.

1.) Jimmy Jarrett
2.) Justin Williamson
3.) Jason Thomas
4.) Shane Watts
5.) Adam Bonneur
6.) Aaron Branham
7.) Chris Robertson
8.) Alan Westerfield
9.) Tracy Bachman

Shane Watts grabbed the 1000-dollar holeshot award when Joiner took Jarrett to ropes (look at the carnage behind Shane)

Jarrett, his bike hammered started dead last after the first turn debacle.

England’s Jason Thomas (he rides for Paul Edmondson’s Honda team in Britain) earned his first paycheck on American soil.

Fun Mart KTM’s Shane Watts led for a majority of the race before running out of fuel (from a leaky float). Still, the likeable Aussie took home a good-sized check.

JJ, on the warpath rode with a vengeance on is Maxxis/Andrews Suzuki and is now two for two (both wins) in the OMA series.

Justin Williamson, reigning number two in the OMA series put in another strong ride and took second overall for his efforts.

OMA Rookie Pro Adam Bonneur put in another great ride and took home fifth overall.


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