OMA’s 2008 dates are posted! There are four new venues and they get asked many questions about why the changes? Bill Gusse is a firm believer in mixing it up and keeping it fresh. All of the new race sites have been field tested by Bill, and when he likes the terrain, the feel and ambiance of the area he locks it in. In his eyes it’s all about the racer and what they will get out of the event. He wants them fun, tough, and a test.

Another question has been asked about the new schedule… What happened to the Moose Run???

There are several reasons for canceling the Moose Run. One… The OMA feel the stigma of ‘America’s Toughest Race’ was hurting the series more than bringing attention to the series. Most amateurs do not want to trash their 6-7 thousand dollar bike that they are making payments on. So that’s most of it. They decided to move Moose Racing’s title round to the fall race, also known as ‘The Race’. Some may remember this race being ‘The Moose Run’ in the past.

’08 manufacturer contingency! Suzuki – Yamaha – Kawasaki – KTM! Don’t forget to sign up with the manufacturers for ’08 and get that money!!!!!! If you have questions, please contacts OMA and they’ll assist you.

Another big change…. The Pro’s M/C series purse! In an effort to give upcoming Pro riders an opportunity to achieve more monetary awards for ’08, they’ve adjusted the series cash awards.

1st – 5,000

2nd – 4,000

3rd – 3,000

4th – 2,000

5th – 1,750

6th – 1,500

7th – 1,000

8th – 750

9th – 600

10th – 400

OMA welcomes some new sponsors on board with our 2008 program! Vemar helmets and a familiar name… Zip Ty Racing ! Vemar will be our 2008 Pro M/C holeshot sponsor, $200 for each round, along with sponsoring 1 helmet each round for an amateur drawing. Many of the 2007 and beyond sponsors are back for 2008! Parts Unlimited/Moose Racing, Maxxis, Monster Energy, Cycra Racing, Motion Pro, SIDI, DP Brakes, Johnny Signs Graphix, Rekluse Big Gun, Scott Optics, MotoComm, Big Gun, EVO Mx, Wiseco, and more are on the way! See them online at for more 2008 info.

2008 Parts Unlimited OMA Nationals

1) Apr 5-6 Hanging Limb, Tennessee

2) May 3-4 Millerstown, Kentucky

3) May 24-25 Rio Grande, Ohio

4) Jun 7-8 Waukon, Iowa

5) Jun 28-29 Mesick, Michigan

6) Aug 9-10 Carrollton, Ohio

7) Aug 30-31 Millville, Minnesota

8) Sep 20-21 Ozark, Arkansas

9) Oct 4-5 Memphis, Missouri

10)Oct 18-19 Morrison, Illinois

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