Glen Helen played host to an event that was distinctly out of the ordinary last weekend. The “TT Scrambles at the Glen” was designed to be loose get-together for owners of just about any kind of motorcycle. Originally conceived as a vintage race on a relatively flat course, the Old School Scrambles morphed into a wild mixture of old bikes, new bikes, sidehacks and anything that anyone wanted to bring out. The course was simple enough that old hardtails were at home and it withstood the pounding that new bikes dish out without deteriorating.

Tom at TMC Co bike rentals has become a regular sight at vintage races in California. He has a unique business: he’ll supply you with a well-prepared bike from just about any era and be your factory mechanic for a day. Give him a call at (760) 403-3634.
The old bikes are the real attraction. This 1974 TM125 owner reported that grafting on a later model exhaust was worth a couple of extra horsepower.
Steve Williams was one of the fastest riders of the day on his Husky.
Fiberglass gas tanks were beautiful to look at, but never that good a holding gas.
Not all of the bikes were racers. This Cooper was just brought out to show off.
John Huegel’s Royal Enfield Indian was so ugly it was beautiful.
Before thumpers were universal, they were something special.
This 1974 Husky was too beautiful to race. It was raced anyway.
John Woolsey’s 1974 YZ250 had a few parts that might not pass inspection at more strict venues.
No doubt about it, the best racing of the day was the sidehack race.
John Rice rode his 20-year-old XR400 in the modern support class.
Proof they’ll let anyone race at the ‘Glen.

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