Last weekend the temps started spiking in the high desert, so we pointed it up to 
the mountains for some cooler air. We had a good group of riders, and our own Ryan
 Koch led the parade. Lots of product testing, staying out of the dust and enjoying
 the trails through the pines.
Our 7 man ride was a mix of ‘all’ Austrian’ machines. Mike Webb finally bit the bullet and bought a KTM 300 TPI in favor of the Suzuki RMZ450 he’s been glued to.


Ryan Koch let the ride on his KTM 300XC. He just replaced the piston as he’s put almost 170-hours on the 2021 machine!


TWebb’s steed was fit with the Tubliss dual chamber tubes which allow for running really low air pressure without fear of pinch flatting. Tom always runs Slime to ward off sticker pokes.
Wolf sticks a clutch and brake lever inside the airbox and zip-ties them to the subframe mount for spares.


Shane Nalley, a former factory mechanic and Off-Road coordinator for Team Suzuki manhandles his new KTM 350EXC. We’ll go inside his mods later on- he’s made some dramatic improvements. Downed pines are always an obstacles up in the Piutes.
Brian Palmer, Wolf’s longtime friend pilots his Husky FE450 through the woods. He normally gets a new bike every time the air filter gets dirty so this is testament to how well he gets along with the Husky. It’s going on four years!
Regrouping following a a good trail section.


Mike Webb is over the moon with his KTM 300XCW. It’s the first 2-stroke he’s had in his garage in 16 years!


Little brother Tip plops along a rocky trail on his Chilean TPI300. He says it changed his life! He fit it with Kreft suspension mods, a higher compression head and an FMF SA.


Our buddy Jeff White FINALLY benched his CRF450 as a trail menace and bought a new GasGas EC300. While he still loves his Honda in the fast stuff, the GG is a game changer in the tighter more technical trails.


Wolf’s 500EXC is coming along. The Kreft suspension made a monumental improvement in all facets of the machines handling, he fit an FMF Q  which keeps it very quiet but helps the power out substantially.


Webb is running IMS Low Boy Core Enduro pegs, an SXS skid plate and an E Line carbon fiber header and O2 sensor guard.


Trail Tech radiator guards are super light weight and sano. They do require some fiddling with the radiator shrouds for proper fitment.
With the Trail Tech guards mounted up, Webb fit on the clever Ares Privateer suspension tool. It snugs up inside the radiator shroud and has a slot/allen and socket (on the handle) to adjust the hi-speed compression on the WP shock.


Things are coming together nicely on Webb’s EXC machine. This week he’s fitting up a Trail Tech Voyager Pro with a couple of other mods for the upcoming Big Bear Dual Sport ride.
See ya down the trail.

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