This weeks Off-Road Testing & Tales from the trail has Ryan (Koch) testing 
(his determination and possible mental health) at the Last Dog Standing, 
along with packing for the trail and a few nick knacks for the off-roader.
Right in the middle of the Last Dog Standings Rubicon rocks Ryan’s 300 started running like someone hammered a cork in the muffler. It turns out…
The Ambient Air sensor went bad. It pretty much ended his day.

We’re always looking to get weight out of our packs and while levers may not weigh much they take up space. Luckily the KTM airboxes are very roomy and you can relocate some spares onto the bike. Here are some levers stowed away in Ryan’s airbox.

Since the temperatures have been rising we have been heading for the timberline. After a winter in the high country you’re bound to come across fallen timber. While we’re not going to cut out a pine tree with a hand saw it is smart to carry one in case you need to make a re-route if you come face to face with a fallen tree that is too large to conquer. Ryan fits this saw behind his number plate or in the hydration pack. It’s paid for itself more times than we can remember.
Ryan bolted on some Tugger Lift Straps for the Last Dog. While we’ve heard folks cackle about how ridiculous they are, yet every single TOP PRO at the event ran them. Tuggers have been used at Erzberg, Paris-Dakar, Last Dog Standing, King of the Motos, Last Man Standing, 24 Hours of Glen Helen, the ISDE, Romaniacs, and by racers and trail riders all over the world.  The Tugger lift strap provides a convenient gripping point near the front or rear of your dirt bike. Most dirt bikes don’t have a place to grab that won’t toast your fingers or get your gloves all muddy. And sometimes you need to grab your bike in a hurry!
When you need to manhandle your steed, they are invaluable- as this rider shows us.


The USWE packs are seriously good at toting both liquids and tools. With its unique strapping system the pack doesn’t bounce on your back even when loaded for bear.
Use every available space for storing tools and spares. A small screw driver is essential for quick suspension changes and the small Allen stuffed  in there handles more adjustments.
With a larger bar pad, a number of zip ties along with the screwdriver and Allen are easily stored.
A front fender tube bag is the best way to carry a spare tube.


Remove the carb, remove the jets and shoot some contact cleaner through them. Todays fuel gums up the tiny orifices easily and will clog the jets very quickly when the machine isn’t ridden constantly.

Ryan, doing his trials training on his 2017 Beta. He believes that the balance required and the technique driven skills from trials riding will absolutely make you a better off-roader.

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