Dirt Bike Magazine’s ‘Off-Road Testing & Tales from the Trail’  is an ongoing look at the products and machines that we’re testing in the field.  It may range from Dual Sport machines, to fuel-injected 2-strokes and from off-road slanted gear in the form of helmets, boots, and enduro jackets to Gummy tires and flat proofing your machine.


We’ve been testing the ’21 HQV FE501, their off-road legal machine and its a pure joy. Quiet, softly suspended and strong power right off idle, its a seriously wonderful trail machine. This Ryan Koch loved this machine, and he’s a big 2-stroke advocate.
This The 6-speeder has useable power, focused down low and loves to be short shifted. In our first two days of testing Ryan flamed it out one time. That’s pretty nice for a big-bore stroker. More to come!

BP (the Realtor) is testing a Golden Tyre GT216AA – “Razor Blade” 80/100-21 front tire and loves it. He didn’t like the same version as a fatty saying it crawled out of ruts. Notice his Bullet Proof Designs from disc guard- it’s been BP abused!
BP drive line has a lot TM Designs guide and a Bullet Proof strengthen and they both have several years of beatings.


T Webb picked up a new KTM 500 EXC and is already getting it fit for his taste. He loves the quiet, but when he goes to some of his off-road zones which are privately held, he fits on a …
FMF 4.1 with the insert. It makes for a strong power gain and does not require fiddling with the ECU since the new machines have O2 sensors in the header and the closed loop design keeps the fuel system well hydrated.  The ECU will modify its fuel matrix based on the O2’s readings.
It has a removable mid-pipe and yea-haw! Now you can take the shock off without having to remove the entire exhaust system.
Webb uses a low boy IMS peg, which is 5mm lower and 5mm back. More leg room for his legs.


Moose Racing has these handlebar risers that sell for $39.95. The kit comes with sizes from 5mm to 30mm and are an easy way to get the cockpit of the machine set per the riders needs.


A tall Seat Concepts foam and cover kit were fit up. The Wolf says his butt thanks them!
Here’s the not fun part of installing a new seat kit.


We’re constantly tire testing in the search for traction and durability. In that mix is the new Bridgestone E50 front and rear, a Gummy Shinko  front, the Dunlop MX33 and an IRC  VE33. All of the testing is in an off-road environment.


Motion Pro makes the best tire gauge on the planet! This digital tool has a billet aluminum body, a high flow button bleeder for precise adjustments and has a heavy duty anti-shock rubber boot. She’s pricey at $105.50 but the person, or mechanic who works with a gaggle of tires, it’s a worthy tool.


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