Dirt Bike Magazine’s ‘Off-Road Testing & Tales from the Trail’  is an ongoing look at the products and machines that we’re testing in the field.  It may range from Dual Sport machines, to fuel-injected 2-strokes and from off-road slanted gear in the form of helmets, boots, and enduro jackets to Gummy tires and flat proofing your machine.

For the last few weeks we have been testing a number of products on the GasGas EC300. Certainly the machine is familiar as its DNA is all KTM, but there are a few nuances and some new products that we have fit onto the red steed, from ECU’s to new saddles, a modified fork to cockpit setup.

Here lays a portion of what we are in the process of off-road testing.


In the garage, first mod was to fit on the super strong SXS Burly handguards and Bullet Proof radiator guards.


The Bullet Proof chain guide strengthener is a must for riders who play in rocky terrain. Too, the TM Designs guide is the best in the business.


It took a little bit of fiddling when we fit up the AXP full length skid plate. Once we figured out the instructions it went smoothly. This product is beefy!


We stapled on a Seat Concepts tall comfort seat kit. This is another product that is helps aid in butt traction and comfort. It’s getting hard to live without one!
Slavens Racing sent us a Cylinder Saver. When you smash your exhaust pipe into the crinkle mode, this will keep it from ripping the flange off of your cylinder.


The PHDS bar mounts offer superb adjustability and added had comfort in tacky terrain. They are available from KTM Power Parts at


The GasHas EC300 needs a rear shark fin to protect it in cobby terrain. Bullet Proof’s unit is machined aluminum, is super sturdy and includes a caliper guard as well.


We’re bolting on goods at our high desert test facility. Ryan Koch is swapping the standard ECU for a Coober unit. The goal, improved power and our initial testing shows that it gets rid of the tinniness in the power band when the GasGas is under a load with the throttle hammered.


Klim’s new Edge goggle is flat wicked. It offers a  huge field of view, excellent comfort, and magnetic + quick release lens replacement. The Edge uses a frameless design where magnets guide the lens into place while a slide lock secures it.  The injection-molded lens is optically correct , has an Anti-fog coating, perimeter frame vents and the large internal air volume that helps to fight fogging.
The Midwest Mountain EZ clutch lever changes the leverage ratio to make for a dramatically softer clutch pull. Our testers are split on it, the more advanced off-roader feels they lose engagement feel, the average rider who doesn’t feed the clutch as much loves the light pull.

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