This weeks Off-Road Testing and Tales from the Trail wraps around off-road products 
that we consider game changers. Basically, sturdy-dirty and worthy.


Yes we love the KTM 300 TPI, but in living with it we felt that the Kreft suspension mods to the XPlor fork and shock gave it far better versatility and adjustability. And while we had no issues with the stock exhaust, it is vulnerable and once we caved it in an FMF Gnarly pipe gave good power and was sturdier.
SRT also makes a very strong expansion chamber for the KTM 300. It’s super thick, makes for a good power gain down low and will flat take a licking!

Motion Pro offers an eclectic array of tools and goods and we love their Lite Rim lock and Rim tape. The Super Lite Rim Lock is a one piece molded design made from a high-strength nylon composite material that is light and impact resistant. The Armor Rim tape is very  tough and the durable material protects tubes. It won’t shift or move like rubber rim strips and is self -adhesive backed for easy  installation. 

Two very important caveats needed for the serious off-roader, a tough chain guide and a drive system that is durable. TM Designs makes the gnarliest chain guide on the market- being strong, resilient and has the ability to take some big hits. All off-road machines need an O-ring chain, but having a sprocket that fights wear from mud and grit is also important. The Sunstar combo gets top marks from us. The sprocket is the WORK-S Z Steel and Self-cleaning offset tooth design keeps the drive system free of debris making for   less drag and increased longevity.  The chain is their 520XTG Works TripleGuard sealed chain and the sealing system keeps crud out for a longer life in nasty conditions.

The Wolf bouncing down the trail on his 300. It constantly gets fit with products that he and the team test off-road.

This is the Seat Concepts Comfort XL saddle, compared to a stock KTM saddle. It’s wider than the standard Comfort unit (8 1/2″ versus 7 1/8-inches). Both Seat Concepts Comfort saddles  use a higher quality foam, being plusher while still offering support. The unique shape maintains a similar contour to stock at the front of the seat so the rider’s legs are not spread farther apart, but tapers out towards the mid section to distribute rider weight over a larger area. It’s incredibly comfortable, offers good fanny traction and and is easy on the buns for long rides. 

Serious dual sport riders need to be self sufficient so carrying spares and tools is important. But off loading some of that weight from your body onto the machine saves wear and tear on the pilot. Fastway’s Cargo rack offers a seriously nice rack designed for the KTM EXC dual sport machines. It’s machined from 1/2-inch thick billet aluminum, mounts sturdily to the subframe and can tote a good load. 

The FunnelWeb air filter offers a larger surface area via their Pyramid Profile foam. It is a single layer, single density foam that doubles the external surface area of the filter without increasing the original filter size. It’s easy to clean since it’s a single layer design, and maintains superior flow even when dirty. 


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