Over the decades we have seen some incredible evolution in the dirt bike world. “Off-road game Changers” will be an ongoing report on products that we have come to love, to appreciate and demand for handling the off-road world. They will range from products that sparked a technological gain, to ones that fit a niche and just made sense. Importantly, they cover the part of the game that deals with terrain challenges via enduro trails, extreme enduro terra firma, desert riding, hill climbing and simple trail riding. The products, both soft goods and hard goods- then and now are players in the growth and resiliency of the sport of off-road dirt bike riding. We’re gonna start with the something old and something new theme.



Malcolm Smith Racing products was on the cutting edge of technology for the off-roader. MSR had introduced their Gore-tex Enduro jackets and pants in the early 80s and by the mid 90s was entrenched in a battle with Moose to control the high-end gear side of the off-road world. Their Pak Jak was a lightweight garment designed to protect the rider from both colder, windy conditions and light rain. It really targeted the racer who never wants to over dress, preferring mobility to weather protection, especially when they’re working hard in the woods. Over the years it evolved from a slip-on with an angled zipper, to a Gore-tex piece and to a full zippered unit. Back in the day you would see stars like Kurt Hough and Larry Roeseler wearing the products at qualifiers, enduros and desert Nationals.



The Rekluse Radius CX is the companies premiere auto clutch system and uses all of their technology into the package. It comes with the Torq Drive friction disk technology (stronger power transfer), is optimized to give the rider the feel and function of the clutch lever close to OEM and it comes with a billet inner clutch hub and pressure plate assembly. We have tested it on Husky’s and KTM’s (where it comes with an externally adjustable slave cylinder) and for certain riders it is a game changer. On a big 4-stroke motocrosser trying to go off-road it’s almost mandatory.

The low speed flame out is fearful, and one of our Project bikes was an RMZ450 which doesn’t have electric start. In this scenario the fear of barf, stall and high side into a rockpile is always a potential threat when lugging at slower speeds. It’s a brilliant piece of engineering that allows normal clutch-actuated performance but can also be used as an automatic clutch. The beauty of the Radius CX is that you can use the clutch just like a stocker, and then feed the clutch to control the machine’s power (there is no change required). But its real charm comes in the feet-out-plonk-and-bounce in a rocky stream bed, or a tight, slippery, first-gear off-camber where you stay a gear high and hang on just to get through and over the obstacle. Forget the clutch lever. Click it up a gear and roll it. It’s a game-changer in the ugly stuff.

On tight trails riding a 450 motocrosser, the Rekluse Radius CX clutch lets you conquer terrain that would normally have you fighting the stalls, conk outs and flamers. 

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