PRODUCT: The ODI grip has morphed from the unique to the norm with their lock-on technology and the fact that they come as standard equipment on KTMs. Their newest grip is the Emig Pro, which incorporates new technology for a softer compound, plus new finger-traction grids that help with grip and control. The main goal was comfort via the extra-soft compound, and it helps with vibration and is easy on the palms of the hand. The traction grids are undercut soft-compound ribs that deliver grip at the fingers. ODI has new reinforced end caps that fight grip blowout, the clutch grip has the lock-on feature for ease of installation, and the throttle tube has the grip molded on, and a snap-on cam used to fit your machines throttle requirements. 


OUR TAKE: This grip rocks. It’s very plush, and love the traction ribs and the grip’s ability to be easy on our hands. The grip ends seem to be holding up better (we wear the ends off the MX V2 Lock-On after two or three rides), the enhanced cush factor is nice, and, of course, installation doesn’t require glue, or safety wire.


PRICE: $28.95     CONTACT: www.odigrips.com

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