Round 6: AMA H&H Lucerne, Ca.

FINALLY!!! It seems like it’s been a long time since I?ve actually raced. As you can imagine, I?ve been counting down the days. I actually did a local race last week, as warm up, to see how I felt. Everything went really well and I was able to win. But now it?s time to go racing with the big boys again! I left on Wednesday to go over to Kawasaki and help John Braasch finish my new race bike. We finished early Friday morning, so I headed up to the desert to break it in. Later that night my family showed up with the motor home so we could stay out at the race.

My new mechanic I hired to help me out at home, Josh Ferguson, came over with my family to help me out with some testing. We ended up doing some suspension work with Race Tech that went really well. Later in the day, I practiced the bomb a few times and picked out a good line. It really feels good to be back out at the races and better yet, healthy again:) I?m really hoping for a good start. This will be a super dusty and fast race, so the start is crucial. Well everything seemed to go well today, now I just need to get to bed and focus on tomorrow.

Race Day:
I slept pretty well last night considering all the guys partying until early morning. The race started at 9:00a.m. and consisted of two 40-mile loops. I had a good start and was in 3rd overall at the end of the bomb. Russ Pearson was leading followed by Ty Davis. I was able to get around Russ, within the first mile, thru a fast valley section. Then I passed Ty for a moment, until he passed me back. Unfortunately I then ate his dust for the next 10 miles. It was at this point that he put a little bit of time on me, after I made a few dumb mistakes. The first loop went pretty well considering I made a lot of bad decisions. I was still running in second position coming into the pits. Followed closely by Russ and Brian Brown. Going out onto the second loop, I started to feel better and was riding pretty good until I clipped a rock and went over the bars. Russ and Brian both passed me while I was trying to get going again. I took off right behind them and about 100 yards down the trail I must have made the dumbest move of the day. I was only in second gear and lost my front end and went down again. I pretty much had to laugh at myself for that move. I picked up the bike and was trying to catch back up, when I spotted Brian lying on the side of the trail. I stopped to make sure he was ok. He was hurting pretty bad and didn?t look like he was going to be in a hurry to get back in the race. He said he was ok and told me to go ahead. I then tried to catch back up to Russ, but he was able to get to the finish before me. Ty ended up with the win and the Hare and Hound Championship for the year. Then it was Russ, finishing second and myself finishing third. I felt pretty good in the race, but was a little upset with a lot of the mistakes I made. My body felt good, but I still need to get some more riding time before I can get back to my winning ways: I’m looking forward to the next National in a few weeks!

Top 6:
Ty Davis
Russ Pearson
Destry Abbott
Andy Grider
Steve Hengeveld
David Pearson

Other Notes:

It looks like Brian might have broke or fractured his shoulder in his crash. He wasn?t able to finish the race and will most likely miss the last H&H in two weeks.

The last Hare and Hound will be October 27th, and I?ll be doing a group riding school the Friday before the race.

Russ Pearson was riding his new YZF450, instead of his normal YZ250.

The race was a lot faster then most of the H&Hs in Lucerne and wasn?t to well liked with the national riders. Hopefully next year they?ll try to make this national event a lot tougher and better marked.

Best Wishes,
Destry Abbott

2002 Sponsors:
Kawasaki, FMF, Scott Goggles, Race Tech, Dunlop, O’Neal, SIDI, IMS, Pro Clean 1000, Scott’s, Steahly, BRP, DP Pads, CTI2, Maxima, Wiseco, Hinson, Sprocket Specialist, Pro Tapers, Bent, Streight Edje, N-Style, ZLT, Twin Air, Acerbis, V-Force, Motion Pro, Moto Loco, Varner, Motohed, RK/Excel, Trick, and Top Speed


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