NOV 6– Mike Lafferty Race Report

NOV 6– Mike Lafferty Race Report

Mike Lafferty Race Report
Rnd. #8 National Enduro Series
Goshen IN 11/03/02

1) Mike Lafferty                        KTM           38
2) Randy Hawkins                    YAM            39
3) Robbie Jenks                      YAM            41
4) Clay Boering                        KAW           43
5) Rodney Judson                    KTM            44
6) Barry Hawk                         YAM            44
7) David Lykke                        YAM             49
8) Bret Dubois                         KTM             67
9) Corey Calkins                      KTM             67
10) Brent Floyd                        KTM             76

At the final Rnd. of the national enduro series three riders had shot at the championship, defending champ Mike Lafferty, Fred Hoess one point back and Randy Hawkins nine points back.

A short five mile section would start the day with all of the top runners posting a one and then things started to get tougher with a eleven mile section taking four points from Lafferty, five from Hawkins and Jenks while Hoess had a six. Next would be a fifteen miler before gas and once again Lafferty would set the pace going a one as Hawkins and Jenks slid in for a two.

After gas would prove to make or brake the day as a thirty-one mile section took its toll on many riders. At check 10 in the middle of that section Lafferty increased his lead to three going a six as Hawkins and Jenks went seven. Then the tables started to turn at check 11 when Hawkins and Jenks came out of the long section with seventeen points lost and Lafferty had a eighteen. Hoess had been a bit off the pace as it was but now his problems continued as his bike ran out of fuel. Then before Jenks could get to the gas stop he ran out of fuel and had to push his bike the last mile.

With only one section remaining Lafferty was up by two over Hawkins as Hoess and Jenks were struggling after both of them had run out of fuel. Hawkins stormed out of the last section with a four while Lafferty played it a little more conservative with a five to clinch his fifth National enduro championship in the last six years.


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