NOV 25–2003 Red Bull USA Baja 1000 Photos

NOV 25–2003 Red Bull USA Baja 1000 Photos

From: Scot Harden

Dear Everyone,

Attached are some photos of the team in action at the Baja 1000. We finished 11th m/c overall, 3rd in our class(although we were in a class of our own on the big 950 twin) We turned a lot of heads down south. The team and the bike performed flawlessly. It was a real condfidence builder as we head into Dakar.

The actual result is quite impressive. It was the roughest, most technical Baja 1000 in years. The winning Honda teams average speed was 10 miles an hour slower than last year and the slowest average winning speed in twenty years. My section was 157 miles long of which 100 miles was first and second gear running. Next time remind me to give that assignment to the younger riders on the team

Altogether, it was a great experience. I finally got to ride the biggest, baddest two wheeled machine ever to run the Baja 1000 and the sickest part was I loved every minute of it.

A special note of thanks and recoginition is due all the members of the team including our mechanics:

Gavin Skilton, Brett Leef and Thomas McDonald.

The riders

Larry Roeseler, Paul Krause, Casey McCoy and me.

The other pit crew members: Kristi Harden, Scott Cox, Laurence Johnston, Dan Geysel, Pete Postel, Brian, Danny.

Our Pit Logistics coordinator- Tim Morton

Our support crew at KTM Austria- Claudia Patuzzi and Hans Trunkenpolz

And last but not least my pre-run partner, driver, valet and personal burro- Joe Barker

It was a very proud moment for all of us to see KTM competing in the Baja 1000 once again!


Scot Harden
Vice President
Media Relations Mgr
Red Bull/KTM Dakar Team Mgr


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