Northland Motorsports presents AMRA Desert ….

Northland Motorsports presents AMRA Desert ….

Round 1: Kilauea Crusher
Abbott Absolutely Crushes the Competition
by Kara Hutchinson

Kawasaki factory rider Destry Abbott claimed the overall at the Kilauea Crusher Desert Scramble off Carefree Highway at Lake Pleasant, AZ, on January 29.

“I was really impressed with the race,” Abbott commented. “I thought the markings were great, but my favorite part was the fact that we didn?t just race on roads like most Arizona races. I grew up racing single track stuff and it?s great to see that happening again.”

Abbott, fondly dubbed “the Green Streak” by locals because it?s all they see when he passes them, beat second place finisher and current AMRA champion Bryan Bruning by almost 7 minutes.

“I love when Destry [Abbott] and Steve [Hengeveld] can show up at a race because it makes the rest of us better riders,” Bruning said. “I was happy to see such a large AA class, I think all of us in this class rode well. I think any one of us can win at any given event this year.”

“I was pretty lucky all day, no problems out there at all,” Bruning added. “I love a challenging racecourse and this one certainly fit the bill. It had a great mix of everything.”

Bruning also expressed thanks for riders letting him pass at critical parts of the course.

“I especially have to thank a rider on a Yamaha 4-stroke who moved his bike out of the way on the low side of the hill. I can only imagine how hard it was for him to get back on the trail.”

Tim Hillsamer rounded out the top three overall finishers and was very excited about the prospect of racing against such great riders as Abbott, Bruning and Hengeveld.

“Destry is a consummate professional, pure and simple,” Hillsamer said. “There?s a reason he gets paid to do what he does! He also seems like a real good guy. He seems acutely aware of how influential he is and does not abuse it.”

This event was the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association (AMRA)?s first of the 2006 season. There was a record-setting total of 230 riders that registered for this event. The largest turnout for an event last year was the Coyote Classic held last February, which only had 150 riders.

“I would like to see AMRA grow even more,” Bruning commented. “I hope this turnout for the first race is a sign of things to come for AMRA. They are putting on some great events, and off-road racing in Arizona has not been this good in many years.”

Hillsamer agreed.

“AMRA is going to grow like crazy, and there will be growing pains but the way I?ve seen them adapt to surges in sign up numbers so quickly I have no doubt they will be able to handle it.”
California native Gary Hengeveld and his family, including AMRA contenders Steve and Joe, have recently acquired the Northland Motorsports bike shop in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Their main focus is working to better the reputation the past owners have left of the franchise. A part of the new image they are trying to build includes supporting the up-and-coming racing organization by giving sponsorship and contingency awards for each of the events scheduled in 2006.

The series has been renamed to reflect the sponsorship.

O/A A/B: 1. Destry Abbott (Kaw); 2. Bryan Bruning (KTM); 3. Tim Hillsamer; 4. Kyle Beshaw; 5. Travis Epperson (KTM); 6. Ken Kozlik; 7. Paul Reschke (KTM); 8. Joe Hengeveld (Hon); 9. Travis Schultz (GG); 10. Jerry Parsons (KTM); 11. Tim Wussow (Yam); 12. David Gronlund (Yam); 13. Todd Davis (Yam); 14. Robert Tod; 15. Scott Sedivy; 16. Marty Haak (KTM); 17. Eric Smith (KTM); 18. Geoff Brownell; 19. Chris Schildgen (Yam); 20. Cabot Peters III.

O/A C: 1. Danny Ragland; 2. Allan Poore; 3. Brenda Jankowski; 4. Tim Williams (Yam); 5. Matt Mullis; 6. David Carder (Hon); 7. Bill Hickey (Hus); 8. Tedd Stately (Yam); 9. Khristopher Kading (Hon); 10. Derik Staley; 11. M. Joe Monson (KTM); 12. Charlie Neidhart; 13. Travis Danel (Hon); 14. Kevin McCue; 15. Lyle Leslie (KTM); 16. Kelly Thelen; 17. Eric Zite; 18. Steve Chambers; 19. Casey Stein; 20. Tum Rusert (Hon).

AA: 1. Destry Abbott (Kaw); 2. Bryan Bruning (KTM); 3. Kyle Beshaw; 4. Ken Kozlik; 5. Paul Reschke (KTM); 6. Joe Hengeveld (Hon); 7. Tim Wussow (Yam); 8. Steve Hengeveld (Hon).

Open A: 1. Travis Epperson (KTM); 2. Travis Schultz (GG); 3. Jerry Parsons (KTM); 4. David Vogt (KTM).

250 A: 1. Tim Hillsamer; 2. Robert Tod; 3. Eric Smith (KTM); 4. Chris Schildgen (Yam); 5. Ben Hutchinson (Yam); 6. Mike Nagal; 7. Jeff Miller; 8. David Lennon; 9. Jacob Nelson.

30+ A: 1. David Gronlund (Yam); 2. Todd Davis (Yam); 3. Geoff Brownell; 4. Cabot Peters III; 5. Chris Watson (Yam); 6. Vance Kennedy; 7. Brad Fuhrmann; 8. David Haglan (Yam); 9. Kyle Krause; 10. Pernell Yazzie (Yam); 11. Adam Johnston (Yam); 12. Todd Johnson (Yam); 13. Mike Parks.

40+ A: 1. Scott Sedivy; 2. Marty Haak (KTM); 3. Dean Adams; 4. Greg Mace (KTM); 5. Mark Buckholz (KTM); 6. Ron Jackson (Kaw); 7. Hans Vanderwaall; 8. John Pavich; 9. Pat Prosser (KTM); 10. Kenneth Preston (Hon); 11. Stuart Hamer.

Open B: 1. Zachary Adams; 2. Dalton Douglas (KTM); 3. Robert Cole (KTM); 4. Jack McCormick (KTM); 5. Clint Brown; 6. Lenny Holstad (KTM); 7. Justin Danel (KTM); 8. Wesly Dykstra (Hon); 9. Don Hood (KTM); 10. George Wysopal.

200 B: 1. Max Gerston (KTM); 2. Chad Ragland; 3. Daniel McDonald, Jr.; 4. Matt Vian; 5. Scott Core; 6. Adam Morris; 7. Luke Reynolds (Kaw).

250 B: 1. Justin Everett (Hon); 2. William Bedlion; 3. Jeff Dalton (KTM); 4. Todd Wilson; 5. Ken Hughes (Hon); 6. Sean Rush; 7. Brett Kimbal; 8. Garett Hall (Hon); 9. Mark MacDougall (Kaw); 10. Kevin Eckels (Hon); 11. J.R. Lee (Hon); 12. Mike Crawford (Yam); 13. Jason Hiles (KTM); 14. Jason Keys (Yam); 15. Chris Turner (Yam).

30+ B: 1. Keith Gempler (KTM); 2. Frank Akers (KTM); 3. Shawn Stenmark (KTM); 4. Jeff Ferguson (Yam); 5. Tom Lajoie (KTM); 6. David Arndal (KTM); 7. Heath Brown (Kaw); 8. Anthony Neely (Hon); 9. Clyde McKay; 10. Jeff Smith; 11. Ruben Martin; 12. Jim Mangold (Kaw); 13. David Herbold; 14. Jerry Ellis (Yam).

40+ B: 1. Marshall Gerston; 2. Brent Morin; 3. David Meeker; 4. Ryan Dickson; 5. Carlos Ramirez; 6. Lynton Leslie; 7. Phil Brooks; 8. Robert Berg; 9. Paul Williams; 10. Archie Burnett (Yam); 11. Gary Meeker; 12. John Ryan; 13. Kevin Higgins (KTM); 14. Roger Huffman; 15. Tom Seagroves (KTM); 16. Michael Becker (KTM); 17. Tony Jones.

50+ B: 1. Danny Ragland; 2. Allen Poore; 3. M. Joe Monson (KTM); 4. Kevin McCue; 5. Jim Platner; 6. Bill Kisich (Yam); 7. Michael Kimbal; 8. Robert Cunningham; 9. Greg Williams (Suz).

Women B: 1. Brenda Jankowski; 2. Trea Johnston (KTM).

Open C: 1. Tim Williams (Yam); 2. Casey Stein; 3. Matt Field (KTM); 4. Sam Donaldson; 5. Bobby Russell; 6. Jim Richardson (KTM); 7. Skyler Gellerman.

200 C: 1. Darin Almejo (Hus); 2. Dirk Pretz (Hon); 3. Brandon Leslie; 4. Donald Dawson (Yam); 5. Paul Seivert; 6. Michael Boule (Yam); 7. TJ Young (Hon); 8. Brock Martin; 9. Joe Springer (Kaw).

250 C: 1. Khristopher Kading (Hon); 2. Derik Staley; 3. Charlie Neidhart; 4. Travis Danel (Hon); 5. Alan Melisi; 6. Terry Neyman (Hon); 7. Greg Brooks (Yam); 8. Levi Massey; 9. Vito Carnevale; 10. Justin Copeland; 11. Mark Kessler (Kaw); 12. Bill Hendricks; 13. Seth Haynes (Yam).

30+ C: 1. David Carder (Hon); 2. Bill Hickey (Hus); 3. Tedd Stately (Yam); 4. Kelly Thelen; 5. Eric Zite; 6. Steve Chambers; 7. Tim Rusert (Hon); 8. Craig Saxe (Kaw); 9. Jeff Howe (KTM); 10. Derek Almejo (Kaw); 11. Eric Fisher (KTM); 12. Jason Olden; 13. Jim Nash; 14. Joe Oquist; 15. Andrew Kupfer (Hon); 16. Darren Sappington (Hon); 17. Jeremy Richards (Hon); 18. Joseph Pizzullo (Yam); 19. Mike Elinski (Hon); 20. Jason Ohrt (Suz); 21. Mark Herbold.

40+ C: 1. Lyle Leslie (KTM); 2. Kevin Jones; 3. Jack Lanley (Hon); 4. William Schuman (Kaw); 5. Halley Parry; 6. Robert Depue (Hon); 7. Blayne Patrick (Hon); 8. Jerry Grabow; 9. Greg Banfield (Hon); 10. Mario Pissas; 11. Dan Morgan (KTM); 12. Mike Milewski (KTM); 13. Scott Langendorf (Hon); 14. Chris Barney (Hon); 15. Gary Vian; 16. Michael Latin; 17. Mike Zolin; 18. John Pflug (KTM); 19. Matt Scoutten (Yam); 20. Tim Johnson; 21. Luther Nez (Yam).

50+ C: 1. Daniel Nelson; 2. Tom Trieckel; 3. Roger Wendt; 4. Jeff Donalds; 5. Randy West (Kaw); 6. Rick Davis.

60+ C: 1. Wayne Rutledge (Hon).

Women C: 1. Alana Stanley.

Youth C: 1. Tymer Nahrgang (Hon).

Sportsman C: 1. Matt Mullis; 2. Martin Craven; 3. Hunter West; 4. Tony Lucas; 5. Kent Pulido; 6. Ken Mattson; 7. Brett Hall (Yam); 8. Eric Wolfe (Hon); 9. Chris Foulks.


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