by Adam Booth

The FTI/CV4 Honda CRF450R.


I just returned from a couple of days at Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park ( in Taylorsville, North Carolina. It is 1700 acres of good times with some killer single-track, and all the trails are directional, so the threat of a head-on collision is almost zero. I made the cross-country trip to hang out and ride with the guys from CV4 and ride a 2009 Honda CRF450R that was done up by Cal at FTI to handle off-road riding and GNCC racing. The event was the first annual Spring Break Ride, and I strongly recommend finding your way to this awesome riding spot next year.


Boothy loving the riding in North Carolina.
Helping the guys here at the office at Dirt Wheels–yeah, the four-wheeler magazine–I shot some photos of a wicked quad (don’t tell anyone I was near a quad). Not being from the East Coast, I happily walked around in the grass shooting my photos when I halted mid-step to see a pretty big snake. I panicked and ran out onto the track. Everyone came over, and once they got a look at the snake reassured me it wouldn’t have killed me, it just made me terribly sick. It was a 3-foot copperhead. Nice.

Dillon needs new boots!
Once I was far away and done with the quad, my weekend of riding and having fun began. Here are some shots of the bike that I rode on some great trails. The rain stayed away Saturday, but Sunday it was raining pretty hard, which didn’t stop me, Steve Johnson from CV4 and his nephew, Dillon, from suiting up and hitting the trails. The rain did drive every person who showed up to the event out the front gate, even the so-called hardcore riders who came up from Ohio. They missed some amazing riding in the rain. Yeah, there were a couple of muddy spots, but it’s dirt biking–splashing around in the mud and water is what we do.

Brushy Mountain parts collection.

The copperhead that almost ended Boothy’s trip.

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